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Bookcover Between Air and Electricity Cathy van Eck

This site documents examples discussed in my book Between air and electricity – Microphones and loudspeakers as musical instruments. There is an open access version as well, readable online and with downloadable chapters. Although most of these pieces and performances are best experienced live, these audio and video documentations might be helpful to get a better understanding of the music. All entries related to my book (see chapter 1-5)  have been labelled with page numbers, and around 25 other examples not described in my book have been added during the last years. A table of contents helps you to find your way. You find the newest post here.

The hardcover of my book was published by Bloomsbury in February 2017. A paperback followed in 2018.

You can find more on my artistic work on my website and can contact me at cathy at cathyvaneck dot net.

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You find a visual overview of new posts on works with microphones and loudspeakers below. These are additional examples to the ones mentioned in my book, all using exciting ways to manipulate microphone and loudspeaker. Scroll down for links to the examples analysed in my book, or click on the table of content in the menu.